Here is the "Prize Collectible" story and the Prize.

As I stated, I collect Emmitt Smith cards for my teenage son. His collection is rather extensive, approximately 3500 different cards as of December 2009. In addition to his card collection he has numerous other items including a full size Riddel helmet autographed by T. Aikman and Emmitt, an autographed NFL football (058/100) commemorating breaking 10,000 yards on Thanksgiving Day against the Redskins, an official game jersey (white) autographed issued by ScoreBoard, Emmitt's book (autographed) but his prize collectible was acquired in the following way.

Have a seat and check out this story!

During the summer of 1999 my wife's cousin was coming to visit for a family wedding. She came with her boyfriend (b/f) and they were to stay in my son's room. While I knew the cousin, I never met the b/f before. After getting settled in his room, at dinner, the b/f is impressed with the room decor (Emmitt and the Boys') and asked if my son would like to get something signed by Emmitt.

Well, my son's eyes open wide and obviously can not turn down an offer like this. The b/f says he knows someone that may help.

Now, we've all heard this story a few times ..... someone knows somebody who knows someone else .... etc, right?

And that ended that subject during dinner and the rest of the weekend. A few weeks later, I get a call from the cousin saying to send whatever we want signed by Emmitt Smith. In about 3 minutes, we're at the mall and my son selects a Dallas Cowboy cap.

We box it up, send it to the cousin and forget about it, at least I forgot about it.

A few months later, a box arrives to our home addressed to my son. He opens the box and sure enough, the cap is neatly wrapped in tissue paper. After taking the cap out, the warmth of goodwill overwhelms my insides. If you could see my son's face, you'd also feel that internal happiness.

Take a look at the photograph, the Prize Collectible, signed .....

"To Joey Bruno, Emmitt Smith # 22"

As I stated in the beginning of this story, my son has many autographed items, all with the proper documentation; helmet, football, jersey, and numerous trading cards.

A few weeks later, watching the Cowboys on TV, my son casually mentions that "Emmitt signed the cap personally for me."

A rather remarkable story .... now see if you can follow this. Apparently my wife's cousin's b/f's mother (got that) is a life long friend of a top Security Official at the hotel where the Cowboys stay during home games and all of these people took the time to connect the chain of events to get this cap for my son.

Many thanks to the following ......

Cousin Lynn
John (b/f)
John's Mom (b/f's mother)
C (life long friend)
Emmitt Smith

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